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The Law Office of Hawley Holman, in Texarkana, Texas, represents people throughout East Texas and Southwest Arkansas in all cases of personal injury and wrongful death.
Car Accidents
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Texarkana Car Accident Lawyer

Every personal injury claim—whether it involves a car accident or defective product—has at least two sides: the plaintiff's, and the defendant's. Attorneys who handle these cases usually choose to represent one side or the other exclusively in their practice. And while this kind of dedication is admirable, consider what is at stake and ask yourself if having a lawyer who has real knowledge and understanding of theses cases, on both sides, might not be the best way to go.

For comprehensive knowledge and proven results—contact an experienced car accident attorney at the Law Office of Hawley Holman today.
In my practice as an attorney, I have handled car accident personal injury claims for clients on both sides of the aisle in state and federal courtrooms throughout East Texas and Southwest Arkansas. My practice in this area includes:

  •  Uninsured / underinsured motorist claims (first-party claims)

  •  Claims involving dram shop liability, drunk driving accidents, intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter

  •  Motorcycle accidents / collisions

  •  Auto defects claims (crashworthiness, seat belt failure, tire blowouts, et al.)

Thirty Years of Experience with Auto Accident and Car Wreck Claims

Over the course of my career, I have handled more than a thousand personal injury claims. Many of these have involved auto accidents. As a result, I have a thorough knowledge of the legal issues involved in these cases and a true understanding of how to approach, investigate, and prepare them based on actual experience with doing just that for both plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Contacting My Law Office

Whether you have been seriously injured because of negligence involving an automobile crash or are seeking local counsel to provide experienced traffic accident defense for your company in the East Texas and Southwest Arkansas region—you can rely on my experience to achieve the best possible outcome in the case.

Contact me today in Texarkana, Texas, and schedule a time when we can meet face to face and talk about your situation.

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