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Wrongful Death and Survival Claims

I have handled many wrongful death and survival claims in Texas and Arkansas. Each state has certain statutes which deal with wrongful death and survival claims. These claims have ranged from tractor trailer rig accidents, car accidents, product defects, over-serving of alcohol by bars, gun-shot deaths, motorcycle accidents, electrocutions to name a few. See article titled Automobile Insurance Issues in Texas, What is a Crashworthiness Case, Intoxication Assault and Intoxication Manslaughter in Texas and Truck Collision Claims under the Articles section.

When an individual has been injured or killed from being involved in a motor vehicle accident many legal issues arise beyond the initial question of who was at fault. Consideration needs to immediately be directed towards the other driver's liability insurance, if any; the injured person's own automobile coverage to determine if PIP, UM/UIM and/or Med Pay coverage is available; health insurance coverage availability and subrogation rights by health insurance carriers; hospital and emergency physician lien issues; Medicare/Medicaid lien issues; if you were a passenger, in addition to the negligent driver's insurance, then your own driver's insurance. Your attorney needs to look at your own automobile insurance policy to see if you have PIP, UM/UIM and/or Med Pay coverage.

See also Article titled Wrongful Death, Survivor and Bystander Claims in Texas under the Articles section.

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